An elderly cat, who was very amicable from the moment of his adoption

An adorable story of an elderly cat, who got the chance to have a perfect family

This cat is 20 years old and is named Rexy. He is the best kitty a family could have. Your heart will melt after reading about his search for love and affection in the perfect family for him.

A sweet cat was adopted by a new owner. Everyone thought, that Rexy and the other animals in the shelter considered he would spend the rest of their lives there.

A family was looking for a pet and they clearly knew they wanted a kitten. Their ideal family will consists of two young children, two puppies and a cat.

But then they discovered Rexy. When the family considered to adopt a cat, they couldn’t imagine, that Rexy would become their true love. Rexy was the prettiest cat they had ever seen.

The cat turned out to he very friendly with the family members and even their dogs were amazed by how amicable he was. They did everything together.

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