A loyal dog, who waited on the pier for his owner and refused to go

An amazing example of faithfulness demonstrated by a dog

There are many stories about animals, that are leftover. And this puppy’s owner left him close to the river. And the poor dog’s photo became well known on the Internet. This story took place in Thailand. The owner of the dog had abandoned him near the river while they were rowing and now the poor dog was waiting for the owner on the pier.

Locals told, that the animal refuses to go and looks for food in the trash, hides in crevices and sleeps outside in all weather. Everyone loved, petted and fed him, but she returns to the same place to wait.

The dog is still hopeful, that his owner will cone and take him home. He considers he will take him back. But a lady was very sorry for him.

And she managed to win the dog’s trust and named him Perce. Now the smart and loyal dog will have his own home with caring owners.


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