«A future supermodel»: No one could take their eyes off the charming grown-up daughter of Canadian singer Nelly Furtado

The recent photos of the grown-up daughter of singer Nelly Furtado hit the network

What concerns the personal life of N. Furtado, the talented singer has been married twice. The brilliant performer married musician J. Ganania with whom she had a girl whom they named Nevis being inspired by their honeymoon in the Caribbean.

The spouses, however, divorced shortly after the girl came into this world.

Nevis will soon turn 20. Early years in her life the charming girl spent in a musical milieu sometimes joining her famous mother on musical tours.

She refuses to frequently share details concerning her personal life and is not really often caught by the paparazzi avoiding being in the spotlight.

«I have a child. A little toddler has tossed food in my face while I was in crowded places. On my tour with me is my daughter. She has a separate sleeping area where we can play with toys while we ride the bus».

When Nevis was still 3, the legendary singer married Demasia Castellon who was a record producer of Cuban origins. However, their relationship wasn’t permanent too and lasted eight years.


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