Meet the most famous puppy on social media, whose cuteness makes everyone fall in love with him

He is loved by everyone!

Samson is an internet star and has 60,000 followers on Instagram, who are captured by his cute appearance. He lives in New York and is loved by everyone both in real life and on social media.

He enjoys to spend a lot of time with his friends, visiting pubs and walking the beautiful streets of New York.

His owners named Jessica and Alex provide him with everything he needs and allow him to have an enjoyable life.

When he walks with his friends or owners, all the passers-by stop to pet him or take pictures.

Samson was adopted by the couple when he was still a puppy. Since the first day of his arrival he shares a strong bond with his human parents and doesn’t imagine his life separately.

Having such an attractive pet is really pleasant, because all the people around and internet users can’t stop looking at him and his wonderful photos.

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