A sweet kitten found his owners and followed them to their house

A charing kitty, that captivated his owner’s heart 

A man named Michael was walking his dog last summer when they came across a small, unusual kitty. It could fit in the man’s hand, as it was very small.

The man called his wife and asked her to being cat food. The dog and the kitty went after Michael, but his wife didn’t want to take another pet, as they already had three cats and a dog.

But they considered to provide a temporary shelter for the kitty and they might give it to their friend. The kitty appeared to be so charming, that the woman couldn’t refuse such a sweet kitty.

They named the kitty Pinno and gave him the most pleasant living conditions and when he became used to them he showed how playful he is.

And now the small kitten is already used to his new surroundings and is happy for having a loving home and owners.


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