«The X-Files» star has turned 54: This is how iconic actress Gillian Anderson well-known for her role in «The X-Files» has changed

Here is one of the most striking characters of «The X-Files» Gillian Anderson at 54

The great 1990s’ series «The X-Files» brought fame to a number of talented and praiseworthy actors and actresses. What concerns D. Duchovny and G. Anderson, they brilliantly played Fox Mulder and Dana Scully adored by all the viewers.

Despite the fact this has been far not their only role in cinematography, they have also acted in many other movies. The whole thing is that they achieved the greatest success and overall recognition after the release of «The X-Files».

It should be mentioned that charming and in-demand actress G, Anderson excellently portrayed M. Thatcher in the fourth season in «The Crown» as well.

However surprising it might seem, the gifted film star is already 54, yet still takes an active part in various projects, theatre performances and TV shows.

Here is the outstanding actress now:

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