The dog has an interesting habit: he enjoys smelling all the flowers he comes across

What an amazing habit!

We know that dogs enjoy to smell everything they meet, but our today’s hero Finny, a cute and funny dog, has a wonderful habit: he enjoys to sniff all the flowers he sees.

Lily Smith discovered his pet’s big interest in flowers when he was still a puppy. When they went to her father’s garden for the first time, the little canine didn’t miss even one flower. He sniffed all of them with a great pleasure.

It’s very surprising that Finny doesn’t want to eat the flowers he sniffs. His beloved one is pansy. The curious animal cannot remain indifferent even about artificial flowers.

When he goes for a walk with his owner, he stops and approaches each flower he sees.

We know that dogs have a more developed sense of smell than humans, so maybe they sense something special about flowers that we never do.

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