The adorable dog couldn’t believe his fate being adopted after six and a half years

An amazing story of a puppy’s adoption after staying in the shelter for so long

This dog had spent many days in the shelter. But Lia West didn’t intend to give up. The puppy met his owner from time to time and waved his tail of excitement.

Someone rescued him and took to the shelter in order to find a new home. And visitors came to the shelter and had a choice to adopt pups or young dogs. The puppy continued waiting and the visitors didn’t like to take him, as he was there for so long and had a problem.

And a young man named Bran came to the shelter on the 2478th day of his stay. He made a decision, that everyone was waiting to hear for so long. And also this made Lia West absolutely happy.

After learning the dog’s story and seeing his photos the guy considered, that he was the pet he wants to take to his house! It is amazing, that after six and a half years after the tragedy the dog is now relaxing in his bed.

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