«In a sparkling bustier mini dress»: 64-year-old Stone’s sophisticated look in an attractive bustier dress on «Saturday Night Live»

Stone made a splash with her look in a bustier dress which emphasized all the curves

It goes without saying that Sh. Stone even at 64 definitely knows how to surprise everyone with her brightness, attractiveness and charisma. The iconic actress still never ceases to post provocative photos showing off her perfect body shape.

Since the photos she posts normally lack retouching and beauty filters, it becomes hard for her fans not to fall in love with the film star every single time.

Her spectacular appearance on the popular American TV show «Saturday Night Live» where she took part in a small performance called «sweetest voice in the world» delighted her followers.

Though she did literally nothing during the performance except for laying on the coach and changing her position from time to time, her gorgeous and sophisticated look drew all the viewers’ attention.

The legendary actress was wearing a mini bustier dress which perfectly emphasized all her curves and, what concerns the golden glitter, it was the evidence that it was the queen in front of us.

Stone has always been strongly against plastic surgeries and other cosmetic procedures completely accepting the way she looks and, surprisingly enough, she looks much younger than those with Botox, silicone and injections.

Her entirely natural appearance, grace and charisma make it clear that she still remains one of the ageless beauty icons.

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