Owner managed to capture an exciting scene of two friends warmly greeting each other

What a warm greeting!

Dogs are friendly and loyal creatures and devote their lives to those whom they love the most. There can be a strong friendship between two dogs and our today’s heroes prove this once more.

Meet Messy, a cute Labrador, who lives with his beloved owner in Thailand. The dog is very friendly and enjoys to make new companions with others, but their neighbour’s dog Audi is more than just a friend for him.

Audi spends most of his day alone, because his owner works very hard and comes home late.

When Messy sees that his friend feels upset, he hurries to comfort him and does his best to make him happy. Although they don’t see each other frequently, they are closely connected.

When these two buddies met for the first time, something amazing took place.

One day Audi’s owner left the gate open without expecting that her husky would take the chance and hurry to meet his beloved friend.

Their first meeting was very exciting and Messy’s owner managed to capture them greeting each other warmly.

The scene was really wonderful and the owner shared it on social media, which, after a short time, went viral.

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