A loving puppy, who impatiently waits for his owners’ kid

A sweet idea of a puppy how to calm the baby down

A puppy named Bamboo resides in California with his owners. He has a favourite toy, which he takes everywhere with him. Soon after Bamboo was taken Ana became pregnant.

The puppy’s behaviour has changed a lot. The woman told, that if she drove him away, he slept on the floor next to her and I was getting angry with his behaviour, but now I clearly understand why he was searching me and following the house.

The family immediately considered to introduce the dog with their newborn baby named Kaleb. Bamboo was waiting to welcome the mother and the baby from the hospital.

From the very beginning Bamboo understood the responsibility placed upon him. He considered to stay next to Kaleb.

The owners were astonished by the Bamboo’s quick reaction on how to calm the kid down. The puppy immediately went to the next room and brought his favourite toy for the boy: a soft, yellow ball.

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