A rabbit and a dog demonstrated, that the love knows no boundaries

A sweet connection between a rabbit and a dog, that were almost inseparable 

It seems to be the proof for the proverb «a puppy and a rabbit can become best friends if two distinct animals can». She learned, that love has no boundaries together with her new family.

A girl adopted a rabbit last year and soon learned, that she must he attentive while introducing her to the other animals. Animals may answer instinctively in such situations by rejecting the stranger out of envy of the unfamiliar.

The girl’s only concern was the animal. But after being introduced to each other they started playing and sleeping on the couch. The girl told, that they couldn’t live apart. The puppy laying next to her on the sofa licks her head and goes after bunny.

Rabbits are also very friendly and easily form unique connections with both people and other animals like dogs. In such case letting the dog to be licked by another animal shows your respect and care.

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