«Exclusive archival wedding photos of Celentano and Mori»: Here are Rosita, Rosalind and Giacomo, Celentano’s grown-up kids

The children of the star from «The Taming of the Scoundrel» are already grown-up

One of the legends of our time, an overall-recognized singer and incredibly talented movie star A. Celentano is, believe it or not, already 81 and now rarely appears in public. It is worth mentioning that his notorious name is gradually becoming less and less common. The iconic star after whom an asteroid was named may be well-remembered for his role in the popular comedy «Bluff» as well as the «Bingo Bongo».

Apart from his drizzling acting career, Celentano is truly a vivid and praiseworthy representative in music world who recorded several albums such as «Le migliori», «Facciamo finta che sia vero» and both were a success.

The legendary actor has been married to actress C. Mori and here are the exclusive archival photos from their wedding.

C. Mori

It should be noted that the iconic actress has already turned 75. She has brilliantly acted in 13 films achieving incredible heights in singing and producing as well. The legendary spouses had three children.


Rosita is already 54 who frequently appears in movies and various TV shows and is gradually getting more and more popular all over the world.


The 53-year-old man have been dreaming of appearing on stage and following his parents’ career footsteps since his early ages. It should be noted that he achieved great success in drawing crowds to his shows. He clearly understands that music is not the sphere he can succeed in.


Rosalind portrayed Satan in the great motion picture «The Passion of the Christ». She is also an overall-recognized singer and praiseworthy artist.

Each of them is unquestionably talented and absolutely unique!

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