A memorable event for a cat, who has spent most of his life in a shelter

A very important occasion, that made the shelter cat extremely happy

A little cat was extremely happy when learned he was taken off the streets and adopted by a family. The cat was adopted by a king man named Ken, who devoted his life to assisting animals in need.

She considered, that the adoption time was perfect. Her parents told, that she required a friend as she was lonely. The girl’s parents are from Florida.

And it was the family’s friend Ken, who motivated the girl to look for a friend. So they went to the shelter to adopt a cat. And the cat went to the girl and tried to touch her at their meeting.

The cat has moved to a new comfortable home. This is a very important occasion for a cat, who has spent most of its life in the shelter. And he appears to have a vital role in the life of the family.

The mother told, that when the cat understands she has finished her job he jumps on her lumps. And they cuddle and have fun for all day.

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