«Pure protein and fiber – the key to glowing skin and flawless figure»: Here are the beauty secrets of model Ratajkowski

Versace’s new muse model Ratajkowski revealed all her beauty secrets

One of the best-known, influential and stunning models proved one more time that truly beautiful women don’t require any cosmetics and beauty procedures.

The iconic model has recently shared an «honest» photo on Instagram revealing her entirely natural beauty without a hint of makeup and in an elegant polka dot dress. No foundation, eyeshadows and mascara was seen on her face and many were delighted with the model’s flawless and glowing skin calling her «the perfectness herself».

Even without any preparedness, the charming model looked her best.

To the most frequently asked question about how the 27-year-old girl manages to always look stunning, maintain her glowing skin and an attractive body, Emily answers that she prioritizes her diet which is the key to her beauty.

The admirable model doesn’t consume sweets and, to some extent, restricts herself concerning the nutrition.

The model admitted that she really loves croissants and often affords herself to eat one bun with a cup of black coffee in the early morning. As she mentioned, she doesn’t consume packs of chips or other kinds of snacks and mainly eats stakes and salad for lunch. According to her, the key to her flawless skin and body is pure protein and fiber.

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