This golden retriever surprises everyone with his age and is considered the oldest dog in the world

What a long-lived dog!

Meet Agust, a 20 years old golden retriever, who is considered the world’s oldest dog. He lives with his caring owner and has a happy life with her.

Agust was 14 years old when he was adopted by his owner and no one expected that he could reach to this age.

The owner is amazed by this record, because it’s known that retrievers can’t live for 20 years, but this case is an exception.

No one knows the key to the dog’s longevity, maybe it is due to the strong care and attention of his human.

Although Agust is very old, he doesn’t have any serious health problem and is very lively and playful.

Despite the fact that the cutie moves a bit slowly compared to other young dogs, he enjoys his time with his beloved owner and loves to do many crazy things with her.

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