«The well-known Afghan girl after 50 years»: Here is the overall-recognized Afghan girl who charmed everyone with her eyes

The unique Afghan girl from the National Geographic magazine after 50 years

This is how the well-known Afghan girl from the cover of the popular magazine has changed after 50 years who gained overall-recognition back in 1985.Steve Makkari became worldwide famous photographing and glorifying this absolutely unique Afghan girl named Sharbat Gule.

She was born and grown up in a relatively small village in the Eastern part of Afghanistan . Her mother, misfortunately, was killed during the bombing and she with her father and siblings somehow escaped through the mountains later settling in the Nasir Bahj camp where the photographer noticed the rare beauty.

Steve spotted her in a tent which they used as a school and she, like any other girl there, was forced to cover her face with a veil. Whereas the photographer managed to persuade her to demonstrate her absolutely unique eye color.

As a result, Sharbat soon became overall-recognized and the entire world already knew her as a symbol of Afghanistan. Interestingly enough, the distinctive girl didn’t know that she was famous all over the world. The world knew more about her only when the man returned to Afghanistan revealing her after many years.

The unique woman married in the late eighties and had three heiresses. Misfortunately, the fourth child passed away shortly after the birth and, in 2012, the woman became a widow since her husband passed away of hepatitis.

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