«A powerful response to the haters»: The way Gomez reacted to the criticism concerning her overweight surprised everyone

This is how Selena reacted to the negative comments on her «imperfect» figure

The way legendary, overall-recognized and lovable singer reacted to the criticizing and negative comments concerning her «imperfect» body and extra kilos she has lately gained didn’t let any of her fans remain indifferent.

Her spectacular appearance at the Golden Globes in a daring dress with a plunging neckline and bare shoulders caused a stir on network and a great number of netizens rushed to heavily criticize the young star.

While being on a TikTok live stream, the outstanding singer admitted that she gained some extra kilos during the New Year Holidays and sees absolutely nothing wrong or bad in it.

She ironically replied that she has had great time the result of which is extra kilos she has gained. Everyone was pleasantly surprised with her sound sense of humor.

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