A caring cat, who comforted her owner after the loss of her mother

A touching story of a strong friendship between an owner and a cat

A Reddit post became popular a few days ago. The post quickly gained almost 135000 upvotes and many user awards. The woman also told, that the cat passed away in 2019.

The cat had spent many lovely years with a young woman.

She marked the publication: «My daughter and I in 1998 and 2018». Her cat was her best friend and source of comfort after she tried to overcome her mother’s loss.

«When we took our eldest daughter, I was so little that I didn’t have any idea about life without her.»

The woman also told, that the cat brought many happy moments to her and her mother throughout many years. And it’s amazing to read a story about such a strong connection between an owner and a cat.

The story touched many followers and also one of them made an adorable piece of art portraying the young woman and the cat.

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