«A praiseworthy hero diagnosed with Down Syndrome»: This boy with a syndrome heroically saved little drowning girls

A boy with Down Syndrome rescued two girls and was awarded a medal for bravery

Misfortunately, Valerio was born with the Syndrome of Down and, since his early ages, his parents sent him to swimming courses so as the unique boy would gain body strength, resistance and strong muscles.

Due to his determination and strong will power, the boy has even taken an active part in the Olympics becoming the biggest inspiration for millions.

One day, while he was enjoying his time accompanied with his father and sister on the beach, something terrible happened all of a sudden.

The family heard screams of panic from little girls who were unable to reach the shore and were in an extremely helpless condition at the moment. Without even thinking for a second, Valerio jumped into the wavy sea. Thanks to his brilliant participation in Olympics and regular trainings, the boy was well-aware that so that they wouldn’t choke, it was necessary to hold their heads above.

His laudable deed wasn’t, undoubtedly, unnoticed. The rescuers who arrived shortly after they had saved the drowning girls were left speechless. He soon received an honorable medal for his bravery and kind-heartedness from the Minister of Sports.

His praiseworthy act made his family proud of the boy and encouraged millions born with the same Syndrome not to feel embarrassed or powerless.

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