A caring woman treating her dog like a child, who sold the most unexpected thing to save the dog

Unbelievable connection between a woman and a pet

There are cases when extreme measures may appear when there are unbelievable medical costs needed. A woman named Sheila has a Pomeranian dog named Zack. He is her only pet. The dog’s disease is yet unknown. Doctors told, that there may come out costly treatments.

But she considered to pay for all the costs. She began celling sweets. Sheila rescued animals for already 17 years. She gave thousands of dollars to save homeless dogs and also dogs’, whose owners couldn’t afford them.

She could do all of this thanks to her previous well paid job. «But now when I try to save money for such cases can’t really help. Zack and I lived together for almost 12 years and he was next to me when I was at my worst».

Sheila also told, that she considers himself as her child. But the idea, that someone would cell their plasma to rescue a dog was unbelievable for the vet. Sheila is a real hero. Now Zack is receiving therapy. And Sheila can earn enough money to pay for all his medical costs.

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