A kind woman saved the stray cat and gave her the opportunity to give birth in a comfortable place

A thankful cat, who clearly showed her gratitude to the woman

A sweet cat is attempting to find a kind person, who would help her and her kittens have a comfortable life after spending a lot of time walking the streets.

A volunteer named Jennie received a call about a pregnant cat. The cat mother needed urgent assistance and rescue, as she was in an awful condition. Jennie immediately went to the place with cat food and a pet carrier.

She tried to help her. After some time she could see the tabby cat walking straight for her. She placed a small can on the ground and the cat immediately ate all the food.

The kitten was so thankful to the woman, that after seeing her container she immediately snuggled up to inform her she was ready to go with her. The sweet pregnant cat named Five was excited when she was taken to the rescue centre.

«We rescued her in order this sweet kitten has the opportunity to give birth in a comfortable place with many cozy blankets and tasty food.»

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