The owner was amazed to see how many puppies his dog gave birth to. It was a record!

So many puppies…

There is nothing more adorable than a little puppy, and can you imagine if there were 14 of them…

The owner of a French bulldog was surprised to see that his dog gave brith to 14 puppies. It’s a real record!

When the bulldog was pregnant, her human spotted that she was bigger compared to other pregnant dogs, but he didn’t concentrate on it, thinking that the puppies were probably a bit larger.

The man thought that the dog would have three puppies, which is quite normal for this breed. Having six or seven babies is something unusual and it can happen rarely.

Everyone was shocked to see that the pit-bull gave birth to 14 puppies.

There’s no doubt that it would be a record, because giving birth to so many pups was extraordinary.

Luckily, all the babies were healthy and strong, so they all were adopted by forever families and found their happiness.

That’s wonderful!

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