The old doggy makes his human parents take him to a place where he feels comfortable and relaxed

What a curious husky!

Meet Hime, an old but funny and energetic husky, who enjoys visiting new areas and exploring new things. The 14 years old beautiful dog always makes his owners take him to a place, where he feels relaxed. Mostly, he prefers nature, because there the atmosphere is quiet and he sees the world in bright colours.

Hime was adopted by his actual owners when he was just a puppy and since then they enjoy having time together in interesting places. When the owners realised that Hime loves to travel, they started to organise short, but amusing journeys for him. Each new place, new person and new meeting is pleasant for the curious animal.

During his trips, Hime mostly likes to have a short nap, because it makes him calmer and more relaxed. His human parents don’t want to stop this, on the contrary, every time they think of a new amazing area to visit and have a good time there.

His owners are happy to have such a funny pet at home, with whom they never feel sad.
That’s wonderful!

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