«It’s time to go out of the outfits of the 2000s»: Gwen Stefani’s old-fashioned outfit inspired by the 2000s caused a stir

The rock diva, the vocalist of «No Doubt» left everyone speechless with her look

Here is the vocalist and the co-founder of the well-known band «No Doubt» who still doesn’t cease to surprise her audience with her extraordinary and eye-catching looks. Stefani has recently appeared in white hoof boots and we can say that branded tights are a part and parcel of Gwen’s unique style and image. One can guess that the iconic woman places a significant importance on the footwear she chooses.

This time, she gave her preference to an outfit inspired by the 2000s the proof of which was not only her mesh tights and high-heeled leather boots, but also a pink skirt. The musician completed her eye-catching outfit with a sleeveless denim jacket as well as a leopard small handbag.

Her hair gathered in a ponytail and rather bright makeup soon caused a stir among netizens who started to actively discuss the star’s unusual look.

There is no need to say that she never misses a chance to impress her fans with her extraordinary outfit combinations most of which necessarily include knee boots.

Despite being 53, Stefani still looks enthusiastic and energetic inspiring millions with her outfits. Having a look at the singer, one can visually appear in the atmosphere of the 2000s.

Whereas some claim. «It’s time for you to get out of the 2000s». The rock diva tries not to react to the comments of netizens and isn’t going to put a cross on her individual style.

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