The dog’s behaviour towards the newborn kittens will make you smile all day long

What a loving canine!

No one can understand stray animals better than those who were strays before being adopted by loving families. Our today’s hero, a loving and caring dog, accepted her new feline babies with happiness. When her owners brought them in, she showed a cute reaction.

Although they were kittens and a bit different, she welcomed them with a great pleasure and became a loving mother for them. She started to take care about them as her own babies.

She never leaves their side and protects them especially when they go for a walk.
The kittens are safe next to their mother and never get upset when other dogs approach them, because their loving mother is ready to protect them from everyone.

When the owners saw a post about the kittens on social media, they decided to adopt them being sure that the dog would happily accept them. And they were right. The kind animal not only welcomed them with happiness, but also gave them maternal love and care.

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