The kind man became a great savior for about a thousand dogs, making their lives safe and easy

Another case of human kindness!

Animals trust those, who show any kindness towards them. Many people devote their lives to the protection of animals, while others just throw them away without thinking about the consequences.

These poor creatures only need human care and support, and they must do their best to provide them what they need.

Our today’s hero became famous for his heroic action. Sam Pesic founded a big sanctuary for stray canines, but he never expected that so many creatures would be involved there.

He opened it 14 years ago using all his efforts. As a result, about a thousand dogs have already been saved.

This amazing idea arose on his way home, when he saw two defenceless puppies on the street. Although Sam couldn’t help them, he thought about building a sanctuary where helpless canines would feel safe and protected. So he started asking people for support, and after some time a great number of people from
all over the world donated a lot of money to establish the shelter.
And thanks to their great efforts Sam managed to achieve his goal.

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