It’s incredible! Zeus’ admirable large eyes look like starlight night

The wonderful creature is now provided with a new forever home. 

One morning in Southern California, someone detected a wounded owl on the porch. It came to light to be a sightless western owl with eyes like those of a starlight night. After a visitation to the vet, the sightless owl was provided with a new forever home at the Wildlife Education Center located in Sylmar, California. He was named after the Greek god of the sky and thunder Zeus because of his admirable large eyes.

Zeus was damaged when he was detected on the porch in Southern California, but the center’s devoted crew of animal lovers assisted him get back on his feet. Because the wonderful creature was sightless, they just couldn’t set him free, so currently, he lives in a chest in a filing cabinet next to Wildlife Education Center founder Paul Hahn’s desk.

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