«What a beauty she used to be!»: The way Anastasia Pokreshchuk looked in her archival photos left her fans speechles

This is how the girl with the biggest cheekbones looked before beauty procedures

The radical transformation of A. Pokreshchuk made this absolutely unique girl overall-recognized and widely popular. No one could remain indifferent towards the girl’s non-standard appearance. Soon, the girl was believed to possess the biggest cheekbones on Earth. More interestingly, Anastasia feels quite comfortable in her body and regrets nothing.

Apart from her huge cheekbones, Pokreshchuk’s hair is brightly-colored making her look even more eye-catching and extraordinary. However, a number of people have been wondering how the unusual girl looked before she has undergone all the beauty procedures and body modifications. We all should bear in mind that it is every single one’s personal choice and absolute right to look the way he or she wants or feels most comfortable.

The opinions of netizens considerably differed. «Why has she changed herself beyond recognition?», «And what was the point of all that?», «Stop! It is up to her how to look», «What led her to ruin her indescribable beauty?».

Do you think she has made the right decision? Share your opinion about Anastasia in the comment section!


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