A very brave dog, who put her life in danger to save her owner

A new hero, who saved her owner from the cougar attack 

A woman named Erin Wilson took her dog named Eva for a walk when something awful occurred. An unexpected sound amazed her and she saw a cougar was prepared for a blow.

When Erin called Eva, the dog immediately attacked the cougar with all her strength. Unfortunately the dog was defeated by the cougar. But Erin didn’t want to part with her pet so easily.

She began yelling at the cougar to let the dog go. And after all he let go and disappeared. She immediately took her glasses, hugged Sharon and went to the car.

The woman immediately took the dog to the hospital. Thanks to the immediate help of the vets and her owner she survived and after a few days she was taken home.

Erin opened a Facebook account to gather money for her dog, and the money was quickly gathered thanks to the public’s love for the courageous dog.

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