A touching meeting of a dog brother and sister, who were separated after birth

Two siblings, that found each other after a long separation 

Puppies are usually separated from their mother and siblings immediately after birth. But in this case the separated puppies were reunited, which made everyone happy.

If dogs are isolated from one another immediately after birth there is almost no chance they will meet again. But on the other hand a woman named Alexandria Neonakis didn’t know something amazing would happen to her sister’s puppy.

They went for a walk like they often did. And there were also another puppy of the same breed together with her owner in the same park. The two amazing dogs bewildered Alexandria and the other owner, when they greeted each other politely.

They befriended after playing together. It seemed as of they knew one another from their conception. Alexandria and the other dog’s owner had a long talk before finding out, that the two dogs were real siblings.

The two puppies immediately felt it maybe because they were from the same litter. Alexandria captured the touching reunion and shared on the Internet.


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