The owner gave his pet an amazing haircut for an interesting reason. That’s fantastic!

What an attractive haircut!

Here is a cute poodle, which looks like a sheep due to his amazing look. The fantastic haircut, which was made by his Japanese owner, made him so popular throughout the world. His owner is a groomer and he decided to create a funny character in this way.

He looks like a fluffy ball with short legs. No one can remain indifferent about such a beauty, so he is always in the centre of people’s attention.

Many followers have changed their pets’ looks trying to imitate him without knowing the reason of such a wonderful haircut.

Many people think that the owner did it just for fun, but in fact it has another reason.

The doggy loved to nibble off a pieces of wool from his paws causing itchy skin sores, that’s why the man decided to change his look in this way preventing him from accessing his paws. As a result the poodle got an interesting look, which made him quite famous.

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