The overprotective mother, who had a tight care for her baby horse

A little horse, that had no friends and playmates 

A little horse named Troll didn’t have any friends because of the strong care of her overprotective mother. But the sanctuary dogs changed everything. Troll’s mother worried too much about him.

The proprietor of the sanctuary told: “When other animals tried to communicate to Troll or simply touch him the mother appeared out of nowhere and forced them to go away.” Troll didn’t have any friends and also a mother to. console him. And as he was abandoned by everyone, he also didn’t have playmates.

Every day he walked in the property to talk to someone, but unsuccessfully. The sanctuary’s owner told, that it was a sad situation. Happily  the poor horse received assistance from the golden retrievers and sheepdogs living on the ranch.

When they first met the horse was scared. But after some time he became used to them and also started playing and running with them.

And also after some time other horses also understood, that they could communicate with Troll as his mother wasn’t next to him. And after some time he befriended with dogs and his relatives.

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