The clip with over tens of thousands of views. Parents on holiday get a wonderful clip from their son and family dog

The wonderful clip was recorded in order to send to Garrett’s parents.

Garrett Johnson’s parents not so long ago went on a week-long trip, leaving him alone in the home with the family’s favorite dog named Oscar. As his mother walked out the door, she told Garret one ultimate time to look after the pup as they had never been far from home for so long. As it turns out there was no necessity to worry about anything. Oscar was in good (and quite creative) hands.

To reassure his parents during the vacation, Garret made up his mind to record a short clip showing how well he and Oscar were having a great time while they were away from home. The concept of ​​a home comedy came to him all of a sudden, realizing from the very beginning that the best actress was next to him. Oscar is the most amusing dog I know,” Garrett told The Dodo. Here’s the wonderful clip they shot together in order to send to Garrett’s parents.

Garrett’s parents may have been on vacation, but the most fun was coming home. In particular, his mom couldn’t get enough of the funny clip update. She considered it was so amusing and said she was crying with laughter,” Garrett said. But Garrett’s mom wasn’t the only one.

After being shared on Twitter, the short clip about Garrett and Oscar’s fellowship has tens of thousands of views, proving that even unfamiliar people have appreciated the sweet update just for Garrett’s people.” It shocked me,” he said. “I only had 70 followers so I just shared this for my followers. It’s unrealistic. The camera may have ceased rolling but the good contact between Oscar and Garrett didn’t slow down at home when they were just the two of them. We relax and just have fun until my parents’ comeback,” he said. “Life is good.”

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