When the family adopted this cute puppy, they knew he would bring many surprises for them, but not so big

What a great transformation!

When Danielle and Kyle Schweigers adopted Akita pup in 2017, they never expected that after some time they would have a real giant in their family. They knew almost everything about this breed, that they, besides being so smart, grow very fast and can become real giants.

So the couple decided to take photos of his growth and show how he change day by day.

So the cutie began to grow quickly and now he looks really amazing.

They named him Bear, which is quite suitable for his size. In the first photo, where Bear is the woman’s arms, at that time he was only 10 weeks old. Then the couple captured the cutie after six months and how he looked at that time is really incredible.

The most interesting thing is that Bear continues to grow and no one knows where he will stop.

Despite of his enormous size, Bear is so energetic and playful and he runs, jumps and plays all day long without getting tired.
Maybe he is unaware of his size and thinks he is still so small.

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