“How a beard changes one’s appearance!”: Photos of popular celebrities who look unrecognizable with a beard

Here you can witness how a beard can radically change one’s appearance!

It is no secret that instead of cosmetics, which is widely and regularly used by millions of representatives of the fair sex to alter and improve their appearance, a number of men grow beards which radically change their face and overall appearance. Having a beard, men start to look much more brutal, courageous and passionate. Whereas this depends on a certain people’s preference and taste as well.

M. Damon

E. Redmayne

N. Jonas

J. Statham

J. Gordon- Levitt

R. Malek

Ch. Tatum

T. Holland

H. Styles

T. Shalome

V. Diesel

J. Bieber

Do you think a beard suits them or not?

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