A kind lady saved three kittens, that were stuck in a bag

Three lucky kittens, that were rescued next to the stop sign

A lady from Mississippi was travelling last week when she found something unusual about a stop sign at a bus stop. There was some kind of bag.

Then all of a sudden the bag started to move, showing that someone was inside it! The woman stopped the car and went out to understand what was going on. She opened the bag and found there three poor kittens, that were approximately one and a half weeks old.

She collected them, took them to the car and went to the shelter.

The poor kittens suffered from dehydration, fleas and very cold.

The staff of the shelter cleaned the kittens, wiped their eyes and gave all the needed medications. The kittens were well fed and placed in a cozy bed to keep warm.

The kittens were amazed by all of the happenings and hugged each other and forgot to sleep.

The babies started to feel better the next day and their breathing returned to normal.

They were hungry and were happy to see their rescuers. After a few days the kittens’ eye infection had cleared up and they started to run after one another around the room.

They will soon return their energy and be ready for adoption.

Although their recovery was hard, they were lucky to be found next to the stop sign!

A kind lady was able to rescue three lives. We hope they have enjoyable lives!

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