The white kitten’s head protruded from the fence, showing that he was either stuck or he wanted to call for help for his family

The weakest of the whole litter of cats completely recovered 

The volunteers were amazed by an unusual situation this spring: a white kitten’s head was protruded from the pink wooden fence. It’s unknown whether the kitten got stuck or tried to attract people’s attention. Animal rights activists decided to explore.

It turned out, that not only the white kitten was behind the fence, but also his brothers and sisters. It was clear, that all of them needed help.

The kittens were malnourished and had swollen eyes. They needed full medical treatment.

The white kitten, that looked out of the fence was named Mips. As he was very weak and small, doctors were afraid he won’t survive.

Happily all the kittens survived and were sent to the guardians, that started to take care of them. And as Mips was the smallest he needed guardianship the most.

Mips was active and happy despite her weakness. She started to purr when she was stroked and seemed to like her new, more comfortable home. She clearly liked the house, not the street, where she must take care of herself.

Little Mips became stronger and proved everyone, who wasn’t trusting her chances of survival. She got better and became a very active and lively cat.

After some time she started to demonstrate signs of her feline personality. She will do everything to attract attention and affection. For example when the guardian is at the computer, Mips sits down on the keyboard and waits to he stroked, as she has nowhere to go.

The little kitten has completely gotten stronger and healthier in two weeks. And also Mips’ siblings were also doing well. All of them were ready for adoption after some time.

The small babies were saved thanks to the attentive animal rights activist, who saw the little white baby protruded from the fence. Who knows what would have occurred if the story had ended differently.

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