A kitten with burn marks on its muzzle and paw sat near the metro attracting people’s attention

A kind stewardess, that took the poor kitten

A little, leftover kitty sat near the metro. He was poor and desperate. He had a burned moustache and also burn marks on his nose and one paw.

Passers by hurried and each of them was busy with his thoughts and indifferent to the baby. Some people just turned away and indifference was seen in their eyes, while others stopped for a moment, but they showed only sympathetic looks.

And just one girl really wanted to assist the kitten. She went to him, took her and carried him home.

She cleaned and fed him at first and then took him to the vet. After all the necessary operations the kitten felt better, but sadly the girl couldn’t provide the k kitten with a forever home because she works as a flight attendant and is often out at night.

But the girl befriended with a girl named Olya, who happily adopted the kitten.

The baby has been living with Olya for already two months and makes her the happiest. The kitten was very clever and loving and he waits for his owner to return from work in the evening.

It’s amazing, that a kind stewardess took the small kitten, instead of just passing by!

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