It’s so cute! The parrot’s devotion to his soft toy  

It takes a long time to get used to parrots because they are excellent imitators.

Parrot parents can teach their birds various sentences of words, and pets can repeat phrases at their most amusing moments.

This proud parent of a parrot was able to film his Bowie bird as he strutted around with his stuff to impress his beloved stuffed toy.

Parrot Although there is a parrot nearby, Bowie leaves his cage, leaving the other bird behind as he moves along the windowsill until he comes across a scarecrow.

Bowie seems to adore his tiny green fellow and hugs him as well as repeats over and over.

Having confessed his affection for his toy, Bowie starts playing games with it. He lowers his head, then comes out to his full height and says: “Peekaboo!”

I don’t know how his owner, who filmed his jokes, couldn’t laugh, it certainly made me smile.

If you like Bowie’s quirky sense of humor as well as fun games, share his clips with all your animal-lover fellows.

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