What methods ancient people used for waking up early in the morning when there were no alarms?

This is how people woke up early in the past when there were no alarms

Many rush to complain that they live a tough life given the schools, universities and other educational institutions they have to attend and, of course, the hatred of alarm clocks among them is no secret. Whereas people don’t take an interest in how people were woken up in the past when there were no alarms.

The first alarm was invented in China and there was a complicated mechanism. The alarm worked with the help of water, that is when water reached a certain level it caused a signal to be sounded. What concerns the Europeans, there were no such things there at that time.

The time when alarm clocks were first invented was the 19th century, whereas at that time they were considered something luxurious and didn’t really served for the purpose.

Most often, the European people woke up with the help of huge bells which was considered their “alarm”.

Usually, those bells were located in town halls, in specially designed mosques or on bell towers. In the course of time, the bell was replaced by factory horns.

In Ireland and England, unlike Europe, there were people who woke people up at the needed time. They made sounds informing certain people that it was high time to wake up.

Those who didn’t have an opportunity to these methods, drank a lot of water before going to bed and woke up in a natural way. This method was widely used even 100 years ago.

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