“Should pay 5 million dollars in case of betrayal”: Lopez and Affleck signed a marriage contract

Lopez and Affleck signed a contract in case one of them betrays the other

Their legendary love story has always excited millions of people for whom their relationship 20 years ago was the embodiment of an inseparable bond and unconditional love, whereas they, unluckily broke up creating families and having children with other people. However, after about 17 years, the admirable couple, all of a sudden, restored their relationship and got married a month before.

It should be noted that the actress mentioned that she couldn’t have imagined a better wedding ceremony and that absolutely everything was perfectly organized.

Despite their unconditional love and faithfulness towards each other, the newlyweds decided to sign a marriage contract according to which if one of them betrays the other, he or she must pay 5 million dollars.

The spouses shared that they are happier together than ever and are not going to soon break up as many network sources expects them to.

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