A group of kids saved a kitten, that had been leftover by the side of the road

Kind kids rescued a kitten, that was treated badly

Several children were playing outside the building where they lived and discovered a little cat-wearing cast on the pavement. The children took her home and asked their parents to rescue her.

And when the parents saw the cat and her injured legs they immediately called Hamel, a popular rescuer in the hopes she might help the poor kitten.

“I knew that when she was brought I would take her to my vet. One of her rescuers was a small girl who brought the kitten to me. Her name was Cupcake and I told I liked it and would keep it.” told Hamel.

Hamel took the kitten to the vet to be examined. All of them were amazed to find out there wasn’t any injury connected with her legs and the casts were placed on purpose. She was underweight, emaciated and hydrated and also had broken legs.

“She was amazing. I can admit, that I have never seen such a cat before. Having the odd machine behind her she very tiny! She seemed very much bigger in the photo I had seen.”

Cupcake is getting well thanks to the vets and also Hamel. She will be placed for adoption after full recovery. Although such awful things happened to her she continues to like people, especially her new family.

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