A cat mother requests her rescuer to release her to find her hurt baby

The most powerful thing on earth is mother’s love

The kind mother knew she couldn’t rest just yet after a homeless cat and her two babies were found and rescued in Port Coquitlam.

She knew she must bring her other babies to safety and that she was the only one, who knew they were alive and where they were.

The distressed mother begged her rescuer to allow her go and she was successful.

Being released the mother cat went to the carport, where she and her two kittens had been discovered. She entered and then came out with a small kitten in her mouth.

Then she entered four more times until all her five kittens had been found.

Although having a broken limb the small cat was as happy as his siblings and liked running all the threes.

And after all nothing can stop an active and happy kitten.

And the mother of the kittens was happy she was able to finally calm down and enjoy her time with her babies without thinking about their safety.

She had done many things for them and it was worth it.

The cat mother, that was named Sassie had demonstrated herself as a real hero.

She didn’t left any of her kittens there and gave all of them a good life.

And it has proved one more time, that mother’s love is the most powerful thing on earth.

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