“A thin blonde became a bodybuilder”: Here are the before-and-after photos of this famous bodybuilder

These are archival photos of this bodybuilder: How did she look before?

Everyone is probably familiar with this well-known and praiseworthy bodybuilder who gained popularity and universal respect due to her distinctive appearance and efforts she took in order to specialize in sports. It is, however, quite interesting to learn how the bodybuilder used to look when she was still younger and didn’t possess such an athletic body and daring look as she does now.

Here is what the absolutely unique woman looked like years before her fantastic transformation.

It is rather hard to realize that Margarita Nashchekina used to be a thin miniature and feminine blond woman who, instead to becoming a model chose another path and is now one of the well-known bodybuilders.

Many network users rushed to criticize her claiming that Margarita deliberately ruined her beauty.

However, everyone has the absolute right to look however they want and no one should criticize them for their personal decisions and interests.

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