“Never say never!”: After 17 years of being separated, this iconic couple revitalized their relationship

After 17 years of being apart, Jennifer Lopez and Affleck happily reunited


According to a wedding contract from Clark Country, Nevada, the admirable couple of Lopez and Affleck have recently got married.

It is known that in the 2000s they first met, formed a strong relationship and got engaged. However, the legendary couple regrettably divorced and now, after about 17 years, restored their relationship.

Initially, the couple wanted to keep the happy news a secret and only after some time did her audience learn that they legalized their relationship in Vegas.

According to some reliable sources, the couple signed a wedding contract in July sharing that it was the most perfect wedding ceremony they could ever imagine to have.

As the newlyweds mentioned, Lopez and Affleck exchanged the rings in the church that they intend to wear all their lives and be faithful to each other.

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