After being abandoned by his lover, the penguin was depressed, but the zookeepers returned his happiness in a crazy way

Penguin lost his real lover, instead he found another one in the form of cardboard.

Here is a true love story between an abandoned penguin and a girl in the form of cardboard.

Meet Grape, a 20-year-old penguin, who had beloved and after being with her for 10 years, he was left by her and became so sad and depressed.

He lives at Tobu Zoo, and its staff were worried about his condition, because the cutie was sad and didn’t eat anything. They had a great idea to return his happiness again. It was a girl in the form of cardboard, that changed the penguin’s life completely.

It was love at first sight, and it seemed no one and nothing could divide them, but the workers had to take it from the zoo for some reasons, which made the poor animal sad again.

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