“Time has power upon absolutely everyone!”: These are iconic beauties from the 1990s who have changed greatly

Here are legendary beauties from the 1990s: How have they changed since then?

These unearthly beauties were regarded the most iconic and legendary women in the 1990s who were literally adored by absolutely everyone, were believed to be the embodiment of femininity and were muses of the artists and musicians attracting with their charm, gorgeousness and uniqueness. However, as we all are well aware of, everything and everyone is powerless against time and the celebrities’ beauty is no exception.

L. Evangelista

The legendary beauty has gained extra weight and changed a lot after giving birth to her baby. Unluckily, the model couldn’t manage to return to her previous body state and could only keep her face flawless due to plastic surgeries.

K. Moss

In spite of her young age, Moss managed to become one of the most demanded and successful models having her own great place in this sphere. Meanwhile, everyone was well aware of her addiction to alcohol and later, moreover, the model started to take illegal things which undoubtedly has had it great impact on her appearance.

J. Dickinson

The true embodiment of female beauty and attractiveness was Janice Dickinson who was considered the icon of fashion for millions. Whereas, she started to quickly switch from one addiction to another and took a great interest in Botox and other beauty procedures. Currently, Dickinson looks totally unrecognizable.

C. Bruni

The celebrated and outstanding star managed to gain world fame and achieve enormous success in the modeling industry. However, she has undergone a number of plastic surgeries transforming herself beyond recognition for the sake of eternal youth.

T. Banks

It goes without saying that Tyra Banks was one of the towering and world famous top models with whom a number of well-known fashion designers and agencies worked. Whereas she has changed a great deal and sometimes looks rather unkempt and unattractive, according to the netizens.

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