A courageous Yorkie defends a girl from a furious coyote 

When people think of the dreadful members of the Canidae family, feral dogs and wolves commonly come to mind.

But these animals frequently avoid people. But this does not apply to coyotes.

A few days before the meeting, Lily Kwan spotted flyers notifying about coyotes.

They weren’t the most dreadful of the Canaanite families, but the coyotes were not to be undervalued, that was the lesson Lily and her Yorkie Macy were about to learn.

It seemed like an ordinary pasture day in Toronto when Lily was walking down the street with Macy when she was run over by a coyote while chasing Lily and her dog.

And while Lily was running, Maisie couldn’t keep up.

As her tiny feet struggled to grab her, a scared Lily called for assistance and ran to her nearest neighbor. But after that, to Lily Coyote’s surprise, Macy turned to defend her master.

Coyote was angry as well as hungry, but little Macy was not going to back down.

When Lily found a secure location at a neighbor’s house, Macy struggled for her life.

Happily, Macy managed to escape, but not undamaged. Currently, she is curing at the university. It will take time and money, but the courageous Macy can do it in one day.

Macy is a story of sympathy and faithfulness to our companion dogs.

“My dog ​​will do everything possible for our family,” said Lily’s mother. “He’s our tiny savior.”

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