This is how the girl with flawless appearance looked before she underwent surgeries and changed herself

How did this girl with doll appearance look before she underwent radical changes?

Meet 27-year-old Kenova who was born to a wealthy and well-to-do family and was given all the opportunities for prosperous life, reaching all her goals and satisfying all her needs.

Kenova has always placed a significant importance on her appearance and had a cherished dream to look like Barbie doll without possessing any imperfections and flaws.

She soon became the idol for millions of girls in her homeland, Russia.

She firmly claims that she has never undergone a plastic operation. Meanwhile, if we look at the archival photos in which she was younger, we can surely say that she has undoubtedly undergone some changes.

What can you say about Angelina?

Is she likely to have undergone operations? What do you think?

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